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Scholar Highlights for Week Ending January 13, 2012

January 16, 2012


Well this week went by fast. I hope the semester doesn’t go by this fast. I love being in London. For my research, I met with Dr. Resmini and her lab. They are all wonderful and friendly people. There is another undergraduate in her lab so, I am not alone like I thought I would be. The project is different but still intriguing. I was hesitant in my skill level when I arrived because Organic Chemistry is not my strong suit. But after working in the lab for a couple of days it seems that I will be able to handle the project just fine. The concepts learned in the organic chemistry course are pretty much all I need to know as a basis for this project. I know I will learn even more techniques and concepts along the way.

Well since school is only three months here, I hope I get to take off during my month vacation. My friends and I are trying to visit 10 countries before we return to the United States. I have to start rationing my money, which is very hard here since everything cost almost twice as much as it would in the US. But my family is supporting me until tuition is paid. Hopefully all my scholarships come through and I get a big refund. I will then shop like I am a true Londoner. Well not really. Just a little bit lol. That’s all I have for now. I feel everyone should take the opportunity to study abroad if they can. Its life changing.


This week was very difficult for me and will probably hold the title for the most difficult week during my entire time here. When we first arrived at Queen Mary, of course I was very excited, but in the midst of all of that excitement, I forgot I actually needed time to adjust to everything. I had to adjust to having to have cash on me at all times. In the states, I seldom carry cash because I just don’t need it.These days, it is very rare to visit a store that won’t accept a bank card. And it’s pretty much the same case in London, except I don’t have chip technology so about 20-30% of the stores I visited couldn’t process my payment because I had no chip! Dr. Ganz warned us about this, but I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. However, as you can tell, it has been. So keeping cash on me is new for me because I rarely do this at home. Still, even though this week has been difficult, I did have the fortune of being registered for most of the courses I need, so that is definitely something to be grateful for at this stage.

I’m looking forward to next week and hopeful that my research will finally begin so that I can get a head start on completing the project in a manner that will result in high marks!

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