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Scholar Highlights for Week Ending January 20, 2012

January 23, 2012


This week went by fast, like the past few weeks. Classes were fun and enjoyable. I really like having to go to class three times a week. I’m definitely enjoying my time in London. There are so many things to do besides studying.

As for my research, this week I began doing my own experiments and hands on work. We are making progress in my project. My project involves synthezing a compound that will be able to imprint a polymer that will be able to detect a mycotoxin. We were able to create the compound. Now we have to bind the polymer with the compound successfully.

The weather is great here despite the misconception that it is rainy, gloomy, and cold. It is normal winter weather in my opinion. Well the upcoming weeks shall promise more adventures.


This week I finally have everything in place for my research, so I’m very excited! The project is on Group Theory, and focuses on SL(2, Z) (a Special Linear Group of 2×2 matrices with integer coefficients). More specifically, the project’s aim is to discover the structure of the group generated given two elements of SL(2, Z). Another aim is to discover the index. Even though I have yet to take Abstract Algebra at Spelman, the topic seems very straightforward and I am grasping most of the concepts fairly quickly. I will be meeting weekly with my mentor here at Queen Mary and, in addition, I also have to attend meetings that will assist me in writing the paper for this project. I was somewhat nervous, in the beginning, about taking on a project regarding a topic I was not familiar with, but seeing as the first introductory portion of the project went very well, I have high hopes for the future of this project. As involved as this project is, I will be giving a presentation on my findings in about two months.

On another note, the refresher was this week. The Refresher is an event held by student clubs and groups at Queen Mary for first years (or anyone who is newly admitted, like me). It’s basically an event where you meet people in the group or club you’re interested in and sign up to be on their emailing lists. I signed up for Synergy Dance, Kung Fu, EveryNation, and a few other ones I can’t remember! In the end though I think I’ll only get really involved with EveryNation and Synergy. Still, I plan to go to at least one Kung Fu session since the first one is free.

This weekend I plan to “get with the Brits” in celebrating the Chinese New Year. Apparently, there are festivities and all kinds of things going on in the city as if we were in China so I’m looking forward to that! There is also a free comedy night coming up so, there’s more to look forward to! I have a lot of work to catch up on this weekend, so I’ll be performing a balancing act for sure. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see what the weekend will bring!

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