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Scholar Highlights for Week Ending March 2, 2012

March 5, 2012


Well this week has been pretty chill. I went to class as usual, even though I really did not want to get up to go. After Reading Week, classes resumed; some with new professors others with new assignments. I realize I need to buckle down because I am not achieving the marks that I usually do elsewhere. I think the flexibility of classes and more free time has made me a little lazy.

Along with classes and schoolwork, I enjoyed my time doing campus events. Some events I participated in was movie night and Street dance. Both activities were interesting and a good way to get to know other students on campus. During movie night, we saw X Men First Class and Batman the Dark Knight. Both really good movies in my opinion.

Also this week I met up with a fellow classmate from Spelman who is also studying abroad in London. She attends another college across town and we met up to hang out and catch up. It was a nice day so we also took a stroll around various parts of London such as Chinatown and Soho. Interestingly, the weather began to warm up during the week reaching 60 degrees Thursday. Then it became cold again which I prefer.

As for research, I was completely on my own. We are reproducing the experiment to create more of the compound. The reaction took two days to perform which is typical of some reactions. So this week was a pretty relax research week. Besides researching, I began using my time to study for tests and other assignments.

This week has been a good week.


I think it is best that I start off with the most exciting news of this week. During Fashion Weekend, I took a picture with the Canon reps for an Elle/Canon competition. The rules were simple, Elle uploads everyone’s photos, and whoever gets the most likes wins. There were 8 winners, myself included! I’m so excited. The winners I believe are supposed to get a camera from Canon (IXUS). So awesome! Thanks to everyone who liked the photo 🙂 If you want to see the other winners, click here.

It is difficult for me to decide what to write about next, as this week was literally “action packed”. In the past two weeks, I had two exams, received an invitation to interview for an internship and London and so much more. I did not do as well as I would have liked on one of the exams, but considering the circumstances (40 minute exam, UK grading, worth 10% of final grade), I’m not too upset or disappointed. In fact, if anything, it gave me just the motivation I needed to study much harder and ask many more questions than I did before. In regards to campus events, this past Wednesday, I finally got around to attending an EveryNation (Christian organization on campus) Wednesday Connect meeting. I had a great experience, I am definitely glad that I went. Everyone was very sweet and welcoming, and it was just what I needed after my research meeting. Hopefully, I can make it next week as well.

In regards to research, it seems my work is coming to a close. It is so strange that the semester will be over in only a few short weeks. My presentation is supposed to be scheduled for the end of March, but they have not given a set date yet. My mentor and I went over some things to focus on for the presentation and I was very pleased with the pointers he gave. I have never given a formal presentation of this kind, so it will definitely be an experience to say the least. While the research paper for the course is not due until May, considering I will have exams and I plan to travel in April, I am looking to complete it by the end of the month. This is a great task as this means I have an interview, another Microeconomics exam, a presentation, and a research paper to complete in about three weeks. Also, considering I wish to perform really well in every area, if I begin to over think my tasks, I could easily become overwhelmed. Regardless of the work I have to do this month, I am also going to watch a swim trial at Olympic stadium on Tuesday. So I have another “action packed” week ahead of me.

I have observed and learned a lot this week, but there are two things I took away from this week in particular: (1) walking is ok and easy on the pocket, and (2) I will come back to London! My plan on Thursday was to find the Longchamp store on Bond Street to get my bag fixed, but I ended up on Regent street, Soho, Carnaby, China Town, and some other unnamed areas. I had no idea they were all so close together! I guess the advice they gave us about walking when we first got here was great advice! So, I’ll probably think a little more about walking whenever I want to go somewhere. The tube maps are very misleading. Something that is one tube stop away could be a 40-minute walk or a 10-minute walk, so I’ll have to choose my “battles” wisely.

After this excursion, I really realized I have fallen in love with London. It’s timeless and new at the exact same time and I truly believe I cannot get enough of it. So, I’ve decided I will be back. I don’t know when, or why or how, but I will be back! Send up your prayers, that day may come sooner than I think!

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