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Scholar Highlights for Week Ending March 16, 2012

March 19, 2012


This week has been very interesting and relaxing. Last weekend, I spent time by myself catching up on tings that I needed to do. I went to the local cinema to see a movie. The movie was very funny and comical. The United Kingdom usually get movies a couple of months after the United States. Movie tickets are very expensive here as well; I have been to the movies twice since I have been in the country.

Classes are winding down so this week as been crucial in completing assignments and getting better grades. Out of all the classes that I have only the drama class is really stressful. I have an assignment due next week that is 50 percent of my grade. It is very crucial that I get a good grade on the paper. I am glad that the grading system in the United Kingdom is rather lenient than America. To have an “A”, one needs to receive at least a 70. I am reaching for at least a 90 but I know that receiving a 70 is pretty good. I would freak out at Spelman when receiving 70s on assignments.

This week I also had lunch with one of my friends at one of the campus’ s restaurants. It is a Italian restaurant that is very inexpensive for the quality and portion size. I really enjoy eating at the restaurant and plan to go back again sometime. Along with lunch, the weather in London is rather enjoyable. Winter has ended and it is not cold nor hot. The temperature is typically around 50 degrees, warm enough to wear a light jacket.

For research, my supervisor and I repeated an experiment that we did earlier in the semester. We wanted to see if any parts of the procedure was done incorrectly that cause the reaction to go wrong. It took 4 days to complete the reaction and it produced the same results as the previous attempt.

Life is rather chill and relaxing.


13 days left until the end of term. I cannot honestly say that I am sad for the end of term, as it means I have no more lectures and get to travel. However, as I have mentioned in my previous write ups, I am sad to know that the end of term means June 9th is quickly approaching, and I will be leaving London soon. I think I am mostly weary of leaving London because I will miss being here, but also because I do not have plans in line for the summer. It has been difficult to do so mostly because I will not return to the states until June and most opportunities begin in early May. I do not know where an opportunity is going to come from, but I’m just going to believe God and keep applying!

So, on to travel plans. I am officially going to Amsterdam and Paris. I am very excited to go although I wish we thought about taking the ferry to Amsterdam instead. Taking the train from Amsterdam to Paris was sort of a “no-brainer”. My only hope is that I am not too wiped out from school to even enjoy things in the beginning. This has been a very involved three months and I hope to get the chance to relax the way I should during break. I also want to visit Rome and Barcelona before leaving. So hopefully, I can set aside some time to do some more digging for bargains and make this a reality. I know that I will be back to Europe, but I do not know when, so I believe it is best I explore as much as I can, while I can.

On another note, I was interviewed about my experience in London and Queen Mary by Ceri Bevan, a study abroad officer her on campus. I am always interested in giving feedback on any program I am involved in, so it was great to share my experience. It was also a plus to know I’ll have a spot on the Queen Mary page for prospective international students to use as a reference. Not to mention everyone who reads the reflection will know about Spelman College J. I believe the page will be up by the time I leave London, but if I receive any more information about it, I will be sure to include it in a future post.

There were many other things happening on campus this week, but because of how my schedule turned out, I was not able to take part in all of the things I was interested in. There was a climbing wall in Library Square that I really wanted to climb, but I lacked time and energy to do so. I also missed the weekly Every Nation meeting this week for similar reasons. Still, I am hopeful that next week will go fairly smoothly. If it doesn’t, it is just another bump in the road that I will have to get over.

In regards to my research, there are a few dynamics at this stage. One is that I do not feel ready to make a 20-minute presentation seeing that I have only done research for 2 months (while studying, experiencing London, etc). Another dynamic is that I do not feel I have enough content for the 20-minute window. My mentor seems to be fairly optimistic about the situation. However, when the time comes, I am the one making the presentation. The presentation date is set for March 30th from 2-4pm. I truly believe that if I continue to practice, things will go fine, but I have to admit I am quite nervous. I am, however, comforted by the fact that I can only gain marks for the presentation. The presentation will not have a negative effect on my final marks. So that is truly a plus. I have finally finished my code, so I can completely focus on making this presentation. Please keep me in your prayers. I really want to do well! I want to represent myself, Spelman, the States, and by default my race, in the best way possible.

This weekend we went out to Stratford, which can be deemed “the usual” considering the amount of times I’ve been there. We shopped a bit and had a great time. Our waiter at T.G.I.Friday’s (yes, there are T.G.I.Fridays here!) was excited to have an American table, which I thought was hilarious. We’re going to Camden town in a few hours time. I want to enjoy myself, but I do not plan to be out for a very long time as, well, I have a lot of work to do! Still, I am looking forward to what the day brings and anxious to finish this term strong.

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