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Scholar Highlights for Week Ending March 23, 2012

March 26, 2012


The past week was great! Great weather! Nice company! And lots to see! I am also excited because the upcoming week is the final week of lectures. Then I will have a whole month to travel around the continent at my leisure. The UK school system is great! Im doing good in my classes so it is a relief to know I only have finals in May.

This week was a little weary. I had two papers due this week that were a great factor in my grade. I really want to do well and know that some simple mistakes can cost me the grade I truly want. Besides my papers, I had my last practical for chemistry as well as homework for my other classes. It is relief once I turn in all my work.

Besides school work, I had an interview with the study abroad program at my school. I will be featured on the school’s website as well as brochures for the program. It is a wonderful opportunity to share my experience for future students who want to study abroad. I was honored to be selected and as a surprise I was given a gift card for participating. That gift card will be used to buy some necessary hair products, lol.

Last weekend I went to the mall with some friends. It was a nice outing to do a little shopping and relax. I did a minor shopping spree but I needed some spring clothes since I backed a lot of winter clothes. After shopping, we all went to TGI Fridays. It was funny that Brits love this American Restaurant. There were a million birthdays in the restaurant too. Overall it was a good night. Following that day I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some friends in my dorm. We had a jolly good time. Maybe too good of a time.

I also got to talk with my family. Apparently we have a new addition to the household, a puppy. I cant wait to meet him. He is going to be my best friend. Im starting to countdown my days in London until I return home. I really miss family and friends but I know I might not go home if I get an internship for the summer.

As for research, I am working by myself for the next two weeks because my supervisor is on leave for personal reasons. He left me with a interesting task of recreating the monomer for the project on my own. So far I haven’t had much success. Hopefully this coming week will be better and I can continue on. I really want to show progress when he returns. Unfortunately, I am running out of supplies and since I am an undergraduate student I do not have access to purchase materials and other important features in a lab like using certain equipment. Luckily, I have other members of the group that can assist me when I need it.

Well this is all I have done for now. Soon I will be headed to Paris and Italy for Easter! Very exicted!


This week I had my second run through for presentation with my mentor. It went really well. I was very nervous at first, but I figure I only have a few options in this situation. I can practice, get feedback, improve and go in confident or I can let nervousness take over what could have been a great presentation. So I’m choosing the former. There is only one other presenter for the Third Year Project, so even though I’m first, the entire presentation session will not take very long. Considering the presentation is going to be on a Friday, this is definitely a plus. The master’s students have presentations on Monday, so I plan to attend at least one session just to get a feel of what their presentations look like and what tactics they decided to use. One thing I am a little nervous about is the paper to go along with the presentation. Looking back, I think it would have been best to finish the paper first, because it would have given me an outline of where I wanted my presentation to go. However, I am not sure if I would have had the time to do so anyhow. Seeing as the presentation is graded in a way that you can only gain marks for the course, which certainly helped to calm my nerves. I do not want the presentation to be any less than the best I can make it, but it does take the pressure off a bit. Overall, I am hopeful my presentation will go well. From the conversations I have had with some other students who are presenting, this is their first presentation of this type as well, so we are all in this together.

I signed up for a community service event earlier this week and had full intentions on attending. The start time was 7am and because I did not hear my alarm I woke up way too late to get to the station on time. In hindsight it may have been a better idea to pull an “all-nighter” and go from there. Unfortunately, that is probably the last community service event I could have participated in, but we will see. I still want to do something related to the Olympics so hopefully something new opens up in the near future.

Even though I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay in London so far, I am somewhat frustrated that because I return to the states so late, it has been a nightmare to find summer opportunities. Even though I do think I need a break from the “hustle-bustle”, I would still like to have something purposeful to do this summer. Especially since the summer after junior year is the springboard for full-employment following graduation. I think I have discovered what I am supposed to be doing in regards to what industry, but I am unsure of what function is the best fit for me. I guess I’ll just have to do my research and wait it out!

I think I stated in the last reflection that this week is the final week of term. Again, I cannot believe it has flown by, but I am grateful for the experiences I have had in the classroom thus far. I truly think I am capable of earning first class marks in all of my modules; I just have to put in the hours to make it official. I am looking forward to traveling, but I must admit I wish I were going more places. I was supposed to go to six countries, but I will only be able to go to two instead. I suppose it will give me more time to explore the UK, but I was hoping to see a lot more of Europe while I’m here. I do plan on returning to the UK some time in the future, so I guess then I can pick up where I left off. Anyway, looking forward to the week ahead, I’ll have many, many stories to tell I’m sure!

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