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Scholar Highlights for Week Ending March 30, 2012

April 2, 2012


“This week is the last week of lectures. My time in London is going pretty fast and soon I will be back in America for the summer. The semester ended well and I appreciate that I was able to London and take these classes. I probably would not be able to take these classes with this type of environment at Spelman or any other institutions in the Atlanta University Center.

During this week, I went to class as usual which was bittersweet. Most classes involved answering surveys and discussing improvements for the class in the future. I really enjoyed the simplicity and ease of this week. Along with going to class, I spent my time with friends and enjoying the scenery. The spring weather is really nice and great for walks in the park.

My friend celebrated her 21st birthday on Tuesday. We decided to go to a Greek restaurant and sang happy birthday. Then on Friday some friends decided to have a picnic in the park. While enjoying the festivities, we watch the wildlife in the pond and the other individuals in the park. Also I went to see the Hunger Games. It is a rather interesting concept and it makes you want to read the book series. This week was a relaxing and fun filled week to end the semester.

In the research lab, I restarted my experiment that failed last week. My supervisor returned from his trip and assisted me in fixing the problems. Along with the experiment, I had to present my project to my entire research group. It was a grueling ordeal. Even though I felt horrible while discussing my project, other members of the group said that I did pretty good and with more time and experience I would fair better against tough questions. Since next week is Easter weekend, the research lab will be closed to celebrate. With that I will be travelling with my friend to Paris and Italy. This is one of the many trips that I hope to take before returning back to America.”


“Today marks the end of term! Very excited to finally be done with day-to-day lectures. Today was also the day of my presentation for my mathematics project. I had done a bit of practicing for the presentation prior to this afternoon, but I think my nerves got the best of me. There were only about three other students watching, three faculty members and one other presenter. I went over the presentation with my mentor, and it went great, but once I presented it was very different! I think the other presenter had a bit of an advantage since I hadn’t done as well, but I think they did pretty well regardless. Overall, I am really glad to have had the experience overall, but I am a little nervous about how it will all play out. The marks for the course are based on both the presentation and the paper. If the presentation will help the overall grade, it will be worth 20% and the paper 80%. If not, the paper is worth 100%. I am hoping the presentation helps as I am not as far along on the paper as I would have liked to be at this stage. The paper is due the first week of May, so it is only about a month away. Please keep me in your prayers!

My exams are on the 10th of May, the 31st of May and the 1st of June. Afterward I’ll be on my way back to the states and I am not sure how I feel about it! I really do love London, but I do miss my friends and family. Even though I am not too keen on returning, I talked with one of my friends here about coming to the states to study. She said she was thinking about going to Clark, and naturally I told her to go with Spelman! But I also told her either way she’ll enjoy it. I also saw someone with a Howard University t-shirt on today, but since it was right after my presentation, I was not really “in the mood” to hold a conversation. Now that I think about it though, I wish I would have.

I think the most valuable lesson I have learned since being here is that I need to find a way to “follow my heart” in regards to my future career. I have prayed about it a lot and I think I know what I am supposed to do ultimately; I am just unclear what to do about it at this point. Either way, I think being here has had a huge part in understanding this. Even though I have much more to adjust to, and much more to do, being here has allowed me to ensure I make time for discovering where I should be headed. I am not too hasty about it, because I do not want to make the wrong decisions, so at this point I am just being open to everything.

In other news, my camera from the Canon/ELLE competition came in the mail today. Luckily, they called me on my cell phone twice to retrieve the package, so I made it downstairs to retrieve it. Also, I will be traveling to the Netherlands and Paris next week, so I am very excited! I just hope I can keep things in the right order in regards to schoolwork. We are also trying to meet with a Spelman Alum while we’re here, so hopefully we can get everything squared away in time. Looking forward to next week!”

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