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Scholar Highlights for Week Ending April 6, 2012

April 9, 2012


“Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

This was my first week without school lectures and assignments. O how fun!!! During this week my dad came to visit me. I was very excited that someone from my family was able to come and visit. It takes away from missing home a little. He was only in London for a couple of days.

While my father was here, I showed him all the highlights of London. We went exploring all over the city. I got to show him that British cuisine is not that great compared to other cultures. He found out that fish and chips, which are really bland, is the best dish to offer in London, lol. While he was here I got to show him the Tower of London and the Olympic Stadium as well as other spots around the city. I had a great time with my dad and I know he really enjoyed himself besides the jet lag of course.

Along with spending time with my dad, I was also preparing for the MCAT which I took yesterday. I have been studying for this test since last November. I really hope I did well on the exam especially since it is expensive and have limited times to take it during one year’s term. I feel that I prepared myself well and that my scores should reflect the studying that I have done.

Since this week was leading into Easter holidays, my supervisor of the lab gave me the week off. She knew that I was taking the MCAT and Good Friday was yesterday. So I did not work on any research this week. Since I had the time off, me and a friend decided to take a trip to Paris and Italy. It was a fun experience where I got to see a lot of national attractions such as the Mona Lisa in the Lourve museum. I had a lot of once in a lifetime memories while travelling. One good thing while in Paris was that I got to go to Disneyland Paris!!! I was very excited and nervous because I am afraid of heights and so roller coasters are not my cup of tea. But I sort of conquered my fear and rode some rides with my friend. I enjoyed myself at Disneyland especially since I did not really enjoy it as a little kid with my parents.”


Her opinion in regards to students presenting their math research, “I would highly recommend it for students interested in pursuing a PhD or Masters in Mathematics.

After my presentation, I travelled to Amsterdam for two nights and I am currently in Paris for a few days. I have been in London for about four months now and I thought my awkward moments regarding British accents were over, but I stand corrected. My worst moment occurred while on the plane to Amsterdam. The stewardess said something very quickly to me with a smile, and I had no idea what she said. However, there was not enough time to ask her to repeat it because I was walking down the aisle of the plane. So, in reply, I simply laughed and smiled back! In hindsight, this was probably not the best decision, but thankfully it did no real harm. I had to laugh at this because I thought I was at the point where I could understand everything through the thick accents, but I still find it difficult at times. The goal is usually to make sure you don’t get too lost that you can no longer follow the conversation, which I can usually do fairly well. This was just one of many experiences I have had with this, but I am glad to say I am getting better each day!”

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