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Scholar Highlights for Week Ending April 13, 2012

April 16, 2012


This week in the lab, “I was repeating a long procedure of synthesizing out functional monomer. I was now on part 2 of a five part procedure to create the functional monomer. Along with creating the functional monomer, my supervisor asked me to repeat another experiment that did not work so well the first time around.

Time in London is starting to wind down. I have five more weeks left in London before I have to return to the States for another internship. I was blessed with the opportunity to research with my mentor at Spelman over the summer with MBRS-RISE. I am glad that I can continue my research project without balancing school work.

Overall the past two weeks have been wonderful. I am enjoying my holiday break. Just have a few more weeks then finals then back to the United States. That is all for now.



“I have done a lot of reflecting on this experience and specifically on my research experience here. Even though I have a while to go on my paper, when it is complete, I will be able to say this is something I did and I will be very proud of that. I came into this without much expectation of how difficult or easy it would be so that helped a lot. Another thing I have really been reflecting on is how I will relay my experience to others when it is all over. I have so much advice to give to other study abroad students and I hope they are much more active than I was in reaching out to receive advice from others.

Looking back, even though I did ask a few students about their experience, I did not get the feedback I was expecting. I only received vague, surface-level responses. Unfortunately, some responses were similar to ones you would find in a study abroad brochure. Now I just find this so strange because even now when someone asks me about it I tell him or her to call me or schedule a time to meet up so we can talk about it. I have that much to say about it. Also, I care that much to give a meaningful account of my experience so prospective students have an experience to compare to their own once they are abroad.

Thinking about this clearly led to thoughts regarding my follow-on project requirement for the Gilman Scholarship. I plan to contact the Spelman Museum soon because I wish to use those facilities to put on a session for prospective study abroad students who are eligible for Gilman (and of course those who aren’t as well). At first, I was somewhat dreading the project because I saw it as “something else” I had to do, but after having this experience, it is much more than that. It is almost a privilege to be able to share my experience with my Spelman sisters is such a personal way. Even still, I have a lot of planning to take care of. I plan to fulfill the project requirements in early September as to give the students a chance to hear from me before Gilman applications are due. It is hard to accept that I will be putting on this session during my last Fall semester as an undergrad at Spelman! It’s truly mind-blowing.

I have about four weeks until my first final, so I really need to be diligent in studying because it is very easy to relax and not do work for days! Especially since I’m in London! I think I am going to make a list of things I need to do before I leave here, because before I know it I’ll be on my way to Heathrow. For most of next week I will be working on my paper and studying, with a little bit of London city-walking in-between. I hope that when this experience is over I can say that I did most of the things I planned in the beginning.”

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