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Scholar Highlights For Week Ending May 31, 2013

September 5, 2013


Along with challenges there are also days where I understand what and why I am doing certain things and I am able to use my previous experience to come in and be productive at a faster rate. These days are very rewarding. Research can be very monotonous at times but I am finding it very important to keep the bigger picture in mind and take it all day by day in order to avoid getting bored.


Kalah on beach


The city so far, reminds me of South Africa. The many trees and the types of cars. They drive on the left side of the road. And yes, I did try to sit on the driver’s side.  So far I’m very excited to be here in Australia. I had moment, but I picked myself up and continued on with life.


We packed lunch for our field trip to Constitution Hill. Constitution Hill was where many African National Congress members of all races were incarcerated for protesting against apartheid. Jails were segregated and the whites were privileged from food to jobs. The blacks also, had to commit to inhumane stripping rituals. Aside from the jail there was a Gandhi monument and reading Gandhi’s enlightening quotes put him on my role model list. However, I got the most out of this experience hearing my peers opinions of the museum. Particularly, the perspective of the South African teachers and students.

Dominique and bird


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