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Scholar Highlights For Week Ending August 2, 2013

October 1, 2013

La fiesta

Charmiah Amie

As I have mentioned many times before during the course of the summer, I have learned the value of actually getting to know people versus taking them for face value or making assumptions. I have met and developed relationships with people I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to in the past. By saying this I mean that it is so easy to look at a person and say “Oh, she seems like my type of friend” instead of getting to know different types of people you normally wouldn’t associate with and getting to know them for them. Here I have established such a diverse group of friends and they all offer different things and give me insight into different parts of my own life. 



Kevona Belcher

Today was my last day in Cordoba. The feeling is very surreal. A mixture of emotions impacts me and I am not sure exactly how to feel. I have expressed my difficulties with fitting in with my host family in earlier journal entries, however in all I have had a wonderful experience with everyone that I have met so far here.

Kierra Brown

I have learned a great deal about non-communicable and communicable diseases that affect South African citizens in the classroom.  I plan on staying in contact with them through utilizing technology and hope to visit Cape Town again in the near future

Jasmeka Colvin

This week consisted of me basking in the beauty of Salamanca, discovering the unknown and revisiting favorite monuments. The fact that America does not really have old buildings and cathedrals really makes me appreciate all that Salamanca has to offer. As I look back on my experience I know that I am completely content with my time here; it was most certainly well spent.

Tayler Elam

My study abroad experience is quickly coming to an end.  This week I spent my last few days with my host family and returned to the biological station on Thursday morning.  I really enjoyed living with my homestay; it was a great experience that I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in. 

Kalah Haley

My last full week in Australia!!! Whoo hoo!! It has been an amazing trip of a life time!! I can’t figure out if I am going to be sad to leave this place.  This past weekend I was finally afforded the opportunity to see with my naked eye real life kangaroos!! I saw around twenty of them just jumping around.  It’s interesting when you get to do something you have anticipated for such a long time.  The most entertaining age group of the kangaroos were the young males.



Brittany Jackson

My final presentation is Monday and I can hardly believe how much I have learned. When I initially got to Granada, I was not enjoying research; it was too much reading for my liking. However once I learned that it is important to have plenty of background knowledge, I began to embrace the experience. I have learned so much about a subject that I never thought I would be interested in and to my surprise I really enjoy it. Now, I am very excited to see what medical research is like since that was my original area of interest! This year I will have the opportunity of doing math research, hopefully I can have a biology professor as my mentor so I can learn more about biological mathematics research.

Jasmine Mason

My weekend in Granada was fabulous. I was a little nervous about traveling alone but I found my friend’s apartment with ease. I was so excited to get to spend the weekend with a friend, and Deshawn was the perfect host! Deshawn’s roommate, Brittany, is also a G-STEM member so it was great to see two very familiar faces. As soon as I arrived the festivities began! The girls have made plenty of friends during their stay in Granada and a large group came out to celebrate their final weekend in Spain and to welcome me to the city.

Albryona Pope

My time in Spain has officially come to an end. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I was given as well as the amazing people I met. I do not think I could have a better summer experience under any other circumstances.  Over the past, two months I have seen and been to places that I do not know I would have had the chance to do if it were not for G-Stem and the Ana G Mendez University System.

Kwan Rhea

Sitting in the midst of the horizon overlooking the South Africa landscape is where I write from. This week has been filled with experiences like none other. Concluding our stay at Witz Rural Facility, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a neighboring area known as Bushbuckridge. Bushbuckridge is an urban area heavily populated with black Shangon-speaking people that suffers from extreme disproportionality in health resources. Tinswala is the only hospital in the area. Doctors and beds are scarce, so a large percentage of the population seeks the services of traditional healers rather than western medical practices. In order to wholly understand of medical and health practices in Bushbuckridge, we visited a traditional healer. Our experience with the traditional healer put into perspective the culture of a people different than my own.

Gabrielle Richardson

This past week was absolutely amazing. As I said previously, this week was set aside to travel through Italy. I went to Pisa, Florence, Rome, and Milan. And due to train delays, I also ended up going to Switzerland and Paris, France as well!  I had great time learning about the culture and, most importantly, history of Italy. I was also on a mission to see all of the great works of Michelangelo, specifically the Sistine Chapel and the David.  Though the trip was filled with a lot of train rides and running, I am so glad I was able to visit a different country in Europe. 



DeShawn Samad

This is my last week in Spain and I am sad to leave on Wednesday.  However I wanted to end my time in Spain with a bang.  On Friday night one of the girls from Spelman that was staying in Cordoba came to visit me in Granada.  I showed her around the city that I had fallen in love with.  On Friday night we went out with some of the other student in the Arcadia program and went out for dinner then to a club for some fun.  On Saturday the other two Spelman students form Cordoba came to visit as well and we toured the city and went shopping together.  On Sunday I walked them up to the Alhambra for their tour and after we went out for some tapas and relaxation on Sunday.

Marlissa Stalling

“It’s so hard, to say goodbye to all of Spain”. This is the  lyric that has been repeating throughout my head in my last week of stay in Cordoba, Spain. When I look back over my abroad experience and see the person I was when I arrived in Spain and the person I am as I am leaving Spain, I can honestly that there has been transformation between these two periods.

Ticara Wicks

We have also been going on a lot of field trips. The group visited a traditional healer, as well as a medicinal plant nursery that is run by the community but more directly, a team of traditional healers. During the trip to the medicinal plant nursery we learned about the different medical uses each plant had. We were also informed about the growing concern that the healers had about the following generations. They feel like not enough children are being taught about the plants and how they are used, and if the children do not learn then the information will die with the elders.

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