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Scholar Highlights For Week Ending July 12, 2013

October 1, 2013

lab door

Charmiah Amie

The DAAD Scholars meeting was this past weekend and it was probably one of the best weekends I have had since I have been in Europe! It was great to meet other DAAD students from all over Germany and to hear their projects. The DAAD program did a wonderful job of allowing us to see the city of Heidelberg. It was extremely beautiful here.

Kevona Belcher

The first place we went as soon as we go to Barcelona was the beach. The beach was so beautiful and the water was so clean and pure/ you would think that the Mediterranean Sea would have all types of vegetation running through it, but that was the cleanest water I have ever been in. After that beach we went back to our hostel and we met a man from Egypt and another man from South Africa. It was crazy because they were so different from what I expected. The people at the hostel were so nice and welcoming, it was so refreshing because people in Cordoba are not nearly as approachable or friendly to us.

Kierra Brown

Saturday was the first night of our homestay in Tambo Village. I stayed the night in a township to experience the culture and be able to compare suburban areas in South Africa to more congested low economic status areas. The people in the village were very friendly to everyone, but I have noticed that the black African children are only interested in playing with the Caucasian American students. I noticed this when I visited the Langa Township upon are arrival and I was disappointed that I was not received as well because I looked Coloured.  

Coleman.IESGardenRoute (30 of 226)


Niwa Coleman

This past weekend I had the interesting opportunity of staying in a township known as Gugalaletu. Gugaletu is known as an impoverished area where many people characterized by the government as “blacks” or “coloreds” were sent to live during the apartheid area. The village has a very high rate of diabetes, alcoholism, HIV/AIDS and teen pregnancy. Not knowing what to expect, I overstuffed my bags with supplies for the weekend. When we first arrived to the township we were greeted by at least 10 4-11year olds. They ran up and waved and invited us to play ruby with them in the small front yard.

Jasmeka Colvin

Thursday was Independence Day and we were all feeling a bit glum that we were not able to enjoy it with family and friends at home. However, there was a 4th of July celebration in the center of the city, which was so surprising to me! America is so well known yet we know nothing about other countries. At the celebration we met Americans who were so happy to see us. I must admit, there is something inside of you that ignites when you realize that you and the people you know are not the only black people in the country, and more surprisingly the same city as you! It was a culture shock because I speak for all of us when I say we have adjusted to being the minority, which I have arguably never been in my life.

Rachel Delsarte

On Friday, my group and I traveled to Paris, France. It was an amazing unforgettable experience! I wish that we could have stayed in Paris for a longer time, but instead we spent a wonderful two days exploring the city and taking pictures of everything we could. As my time in Europe is dwindling down, I am constantly thinking about what I am going to apply to my life in America that I learned here.

Kameron Duncan

Today, July 11, 2013 is my 21st birthday of which I will be traveling to Amsterdam around 7:00 p.m.  I am scheduled for a meeting in the laboratory around 2:00 p.m. and from there I will head to the airport with my new American friends from the United States. In Amsterdam, I will spend time with my Dutch family and celebrate my 21 years of living.

Tayler Elam

As of yesterday I have been in Costa Rica for exactly four weeks.  This week began with a five hour backpacking hike on Sunday to Peñas Blancas, Costa Rica.  On Sunday morning at 8am, myself, along with the other students and staff advisors, took taxis to the national forest reserve and began our ten mile hike through the trails to Peñas as the start of our second program field trip.  Since the only way to reach the camp site is via park trails, we were also required to carry anywhere between fifty and seventy liter backpacks with food, water, and everything we would need for the week.  So, not only have I experienced my first hiking trips while participating in this program, but my first time backpacking as well.  For such a long distance and amount of time, we were all sure to pack light.

Asha Farmer

This week in London has been very calm. However, I feel like we did a lot of sight-seeing and traveling. This past weekend we went to Brighton. Brighton is a city that King Henry placed on the map outside of London, where he vacationed frequently. After the tour, we explored Brighton. It had cute little shops, huge clothing stores, amazing seafood restaurants, and a pier overlooking the beach. The beach was different in my eyes, because instead of sand, there were rocks! Nonetheless, all of it was beautiful, and we were fortunate to have amazing weather that day.

Kalah HaleyCastle picture

This past week has been pretty exciting! One of my friends is moving back to South Korea to help her mother out financially.  She has been here in Australia for the last three to four years for her formal education.  My friends from church helped her to get all of her affairs in order for the big move.  Over the weekend, her boyfriend came up from Sydney to help her move her stuff out as well as spends time with her.  On Friday night he came up and we all went to South Bank (where the Brisbane River is) to have a BBQ and to play some touch rugby.  After the game, we went to my friend’s house to sing some music and hang out.  On Saturday, we went to Chris’s rugby game, which they won.  That was my first live rugby match.

Brittany Jackson

Being in a new country comes with such excitement. I want to have the opportunity to experience everything. However, experiencing everything comes with spending a lot of money. I have had the opportunity to travel to numerous places and I wanted to travel to many more. Unfortunately, I am coming to the realization that this is not realistic. Next weekend I will be taking a trip to Morocco and I am very excited, however this will be my final trip.

Syundai Johnson

The weather has been really nice. We were all very nervous because when we first got here the sun was not out and it was a little chilly, but it warmed up after about a week. The sun is always out, which makes the days even more beautiful. Everyone keeps saying that we brought the sunshine with us because they usually do not get this much sun at this time. Last Saturday we took a trip to Brighton, England. Brighton is a city in England that is known for its stone beach. Instead of having sand at the beach they have little stones. Initially that seemed very strange to us, but when we got there we saw that it was pretty. The weather that day was perfect.

Jasmine Mason

We had high hopes of seeing all that Barcelona has to offer in a single weekend but there was no was possible that two days alone could do the city justice. From the beautiful beaches to the unique architecture, Barcelona was perfect. I fell in love with the city and its beauty. I only wish that I could have had more time there. 

Albryona Pope

Life in Spain is absolutely amazing, like I say every week. I feel like the more time I spend in Spain the more I start to see it as my new home. More I travel within Spain the more I want to move here. Every city I visiting Spain, I fall completely in love with it. People in Spain are so nice, friendly, and welcoming. Although every now and again people stare at me like they have never seen an African America before but because I live in a non touristy area I think it could be true. 

Kwan and Bird


Kwan Rhea

I woke up to rising sun over the mountain tops. Our tent was tucked away in the crevasses of a small mountain and overlooked the Limpopo River. The tent wasn’t as bad as I had envisioned, but it took some getting used to. Luckily, it had amazing tent-mates. My tent-mates were each very distinct, but our personalities proved to complement one another.  Every night was a slumber party, and by day we managed to absorb loads of new exciting information.

Gabrielle Richardson

As my time here in Granada, Spain comes closer to the end, my time in lab becomes more and more hectic. This week in lab, I worked almost entirely by myself with a 24-hour experiment. During this experiment, I injected 2 mice with pristane and waited a day to see how the pristane would affect the mice after 24 hours.

Lydia Ruffner

This week has been full of surprises. We went to Hyde Park and had a picnic. A lot of people ride bikes and roller skate in London. The weather has been surprisingly warm since we have been here. It is hard to manage in the heat because our dorms do not have AC and we have to wear long pants and sneakers when everyone else is wearing shorts and sandals. Also a common thing in the lab is that in America, in lab you have to be in closed toe shoes and long pants, here people wear shorts, short skirts and shoes that are not completely covered. In lab, my experiments are getting on nicely.

DeShawn Samad

At research this week I did an update presentation with my mentors and began really putting together my paper.  My mentors tell me that I am on top of my work and that these next two weeks will be specifically for data analysis and writing my results section of my paper.  

Marlissa Stalling

Hey Journal! It’s me again informing you about my latest experience. Before I get into one of my thrills of last weekend, I will first explain a new method that was added to my research this past week. After taking endless oil samples from the heater system, I have finally upgraded to another method this week called the pressure reactor system. The pressure reactor system is similar to the heater system except the method of removing the oil samples are different and there was an addition of nitrogen added to the reactor system to create pressure against the oil. Using the pressure reactor system in my opinion takes lesser hours to examine all oil samples than the heater system.

Chelsea Straughn

When we first arrived our group went on a tour of the Royal Pavilion, which was the home of George, Prince of Wales, who became the Prince Regent in 1811. The Pavilion was absolutely gorgeous and had so much history. The tour was conducted by a device which looked like a cell phone. The phone told the story of the pavilion as we walked throughout the house. 

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