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Scholar Highlights For Week Ending July 19, 2013

October 1, 2013

Charmiah Amie

Over the past weekend I went to Salzburg, Austria for the day. This was a 2-hour train ride away which I thought was cool…travel two hours from my hometown in Texas and your still in Texas! Not another country. I thought it was interesting that many of the people consider Austria and Germany the same place, probably due to their close proximity.  Here I was able to see another castle, cathedral, and many famous sites from the movie “The Sound of Music” which ironically many people from Salzburg had never even seen themselves! It was a beautiful experience. 

Kevona Belcher

On Monday we restarted again with our photo valorization. Photo valorization is the part two of my experiment that is much more difficult than the first part. It is much more difficult simply because there was no previous research done on it. The laboratory is basically starting from scratch.

Kierra Brown

I enjoyed interacting with new people that were on the opposite side of the scientific fields as opposed to participating in research. During the week I became extremely interested in anesthesiology. After further research on that career path I realized that I may not want to be an anesthesiologist. I have come to the conclusion that I would like my career to encompass both aspects practical medicine and clinic medical trails on new medicines.

Niwa Cape Point sign


Niwa Coleman

My activities this week will be much different from what I have experienced thus far in South Africa. On Saturday, my IES program woke up bright and early at 4:00am to travel by plane from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Once we arrived in Johannesburg we settled into a beautiful hostile in the suburbs of Soweto. Greeted by children playing in the fields, we immediately felt welcomed into the community.  Earlier in the day, we attended the world famous Apartheid museum, so it was refreshing to see some of the places we learned about in the previous weeks.

Jasmeka Colvin

Since my last update I’ve primarily been in the lab. On Saturday I took the opportunity to go explore Salamanca because the next Saturday in which I am here will unfortunately be my last. Where does the time go? Anyhow, I continue to find amazing places in Salamanca and it will make me miss it more and more.

Rachel Delsarte

Although this week was filled with experimentation, our mentors wanted us to have a draft of our papers presented to them on Friday, July 19th that we are to turn in on August 28th to the Royal Veterinary School. I was a little skeptical about starting my research paper because I was not entirely comfortable with all of the material and concepts behind the research. However, I managed to gain more understanding as I started the paper.

Kameron Duncan

I was introduced to true Dutch food in Amsterdam! I have learned that over there, everyone lives easy. Even during hard times, they cheer themselves with family company, boat rides along the river and sitting out on the porch enjoying nature. In contrast, we are fast moving in the states. I believe that sometimes we forget to give thanks for valuable things such as life, health and family. Americans can be extremely materialistic from what I see in Europe. I enjoyed my stay away because now I have three European places to compare to America!

Tayler muddy


Tayler Elam

My original research study was to observe the interaction between Passiflora vitifolia plant and Dione juno butterfly oviparity.  Dione juno lay their eggs on Passiflora vitifolia and once the larvae hatch, they feed on the plant leaves.  This species of Passiflora, as well as a few others, have evolved to generate egg mimics on their leaves to deter butterfly oviparity.  However, the butterfly gardens at the ranario did not have a sufficient amount of either species to conduct my experiment.  Instead, I will be making the same observations between Caligo memnon butterflies and Musa acuminata.  

Asha Farmer

As this week in London is coming to a close, it is becoming more real to me that it’s almost time to leave. I cannot believe that six weeks can go by that quickly! I feel like we’re trying to crunch all of the things that we’ve ever wanted to do in the short 9 days that we have left. This past weekend we travelled to Paris. Although it was a short trip, we had a wonderful time. The city itself is beautiful. Even if you don’t go looking for tourist attractions and key places to visit, you can run into amazing sights just walking the streets. The architecture there is so complex, yet so simplistic; it is intriguing.

Kalah Haley

I have to be careful with my spending for the next few weeks so that I have money as I come back to the States.  It’s challenging because my friends from church constantly want to go eat out and go to the movies, but I cannot keep up with them.

Brittany Jackson

This past weekend my friends and I decided to go on a hike through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Although I am typically not a nature girl, I had never been on a hike before so I was very excited to participate! We arrived at a pueblo, which was nice. All of the people were extremely friendly and helpful. When we began the hike the hills were tough but the views were amazing so I was enjoying myself for about the first hour.

Syundai Johnson

Our trip to Paris was excellent. Paris is even more beautiful than I imagined. We decided to take the bus because it was the cheapest, and I slept the entire 8 hour ride there. As soon as we got off he bus we all realized that Paris was even hotter than London. Finding the hotel was not too difficult despite the language barrier. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we quickly changed our clothes and headed out to begin our exploration. On Friday we went to a cute restaurant, walked around the streets, took great pictures, and saw the Eifel Tower. We were lucky enough to see the Eifel tower at night; it was beautiful.

Jasmine Mason

Mason and wagon


I cannot believe my time in Spain is coming to an end. I only have two more weeks left which is absolutely crazy. Madrid is becoming my second home, well third if I you count Atlanta. I really do love it here and eventually want to return in the near future.  Everything is so calm and relaxing. People are so relaxed and not in a hurry to do anything, which is a lifestyle that I could definitely get accustom to. My only concern about living in Madrid or Spain in general is the high unemployment rate and current economic crisis they are facing.

Albryona Pope

During my time in Madrid, I have been compiling information and experiments I order to write my research or scientific paper. Within the last two weeks I have been writing bits and pieces of my paper. The only problem that I have been having in deciding which of the two summer projects to write my final paper on. Since both have not exactly concluded in the best and most definitive results, I have to wait and see what will happen next week.

Kwan Rhea

There is no true feeling of the South African experience without participating in a homestay. Until you have traveled in a donkey cart, slept on a grass mat in a rondovel, and killed and cleaned a chicken, you have not truly experienced the joy of living in the village of Mbuyuni. One of the nineteen villages of Venda, Mbuyuni is a small community.

Gabrielle Richardson

It took about a day to get to Paris, but it was well worth the trip. The city was absolutely amazing. I decided to take a bus tour to cover as much of the city as possible. The palaces there are breathtaking. It amazed me to see how much detail was put into the French architecture. I saw the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, the Lourve, and the Love-Lock bridge. It was amazing to finally be able to see all of the places I had read about in history books. I even got to go to Versailles and visit the Palace of Versailles! Overall, the trip was wonderful! And I was so happy, I was able to visit Paris. I fell in love with the city and was so sad when I had to leave!

London girls2

Syundai, Asha, Lydia, Rachel, Chelsea

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