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Scholar Highlights for Week Ending May 24, 2014

June 23, 2014

Lindsay Stanford

Lindsay in France

Lindsay in France

Here in Grenoble everyone speaks French and few people speak English fairly well. In most cases, it is the younger individuals who are almost fluent in both English and French. Although I have taken French for a few years, I am not yet fluent. One of the reasons why I chose to come to France is because I really want to improve my French and Grenoble is the perfect place for that. Each day I am forced to use some French to ask for directions, buy items, and just converse. Some people here rather that I speak English even if they have idea what I am saying so that they can learn the language.

Ebone Monk

When I got off the plane the airport was completely calm and hardly any people were walking about, but as soon as my luggage was collected and taken to the hotel car it was BAM! People everywhere on the outside of the airport, and the heat! It wasn’t unbearable heat but this is only the night and if its 98 degrees at night what is it going to be during the day? And I am just thinking where did all these people come from! Everything seems so hectic but everyone seems to just go with the flow of things and that is calming in an unsettling sense.

Maya Bryant

I can’t believe I am finally here! Two years ago I never would have imagined that I would encounter my dreams of traveling overseas and having such a wonderful academic and cultural experience. I am very blessed to have such a great system of family and friends and to attend such an amazing institution as Spelman College to be given this opportunity. My multicultural experience started before I even got to Spain. The culture shock began in the airport in Miami. As I was preparing to board for my flight, I heard several conversations only in Spanish. Although I am somewhat conversational in the language, I was extremely intimidated by the language barrier. Hundreds of unlikely scenarios started to escalate in my worried mind fearing the new experience I would soon encounter. Hours later I finally landed in Madrid, which, to my surprise, made me feel a lot better about going to Cordova. The airport in Madrid was very easygoing and relaxed, not busy and rushed like the American airports. During my five hour layover I got to practice my Spanish at the restaurants and shops and I even met an American young lady my age whose family moved to Seville when she was only eleven. At last, I had my last flight from Madrid to Seville and my experience began.

Maya lab

Maya in Cordoba lab

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