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Scholar Highlight for Week Ending September 12, 2014

October 7, 2014

Cheryl Triplett

Cheryl Triplett in Australia

Cheryl Triplett in Australia

Upon arrival in Lismore we are met by our homestay families and treated to a small reception. My homestay hostess is Sara which is pronounced Saa-ra. Sara lives about ten miles outside of the city of Lismore. She has a nineteen year old son, Jack and a dog named Maria, which is called Ria for short. Sara’s home is nestled in trees and the natural growth of the land on which it stands. She lives very sustainably; there is an integrated water system that collects the rainwater that is used for cooking, drinking, bathing, and clothes washing. Clothing is dried by hanging on the lines of the backside of the house which has a veranda. There is also a composting toilet and all food scraps are composted as well. Surrounding the property are banana trees, papaya trees, lemon and lime trees, strawberries and many beautiful growing flowers. Sara makes sure that she always supports the local organic food producers which allows her to eat very healthy.

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