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Scholar Highlight for Week Ending December 4, 2015

January 14, 2016

Qaasimah Alexis Lang

In terms of my research, using the new data that was provided to me by my research advisor, I was able to update my data to 2010 and get a better picture of what is happening on Engabreen. With my finalized data I was able to complete my chart and send it in to be printed. I did run into some difficulties this weekend as I was putting it together. As I saved it, the poster reformatted so I had to go back and fix it, however I was able to get it done in time and get it sent in to be printed. Today, I had my final exam and ended the school year. I took my oral exam in my core course. Luckily I got a question I was very well prepared for. After my oral exam, I went to the DIS showcase, and presented on my research. The poster board came out nicely, however, I realize it has a bit too much text on it. In the future I will put less text on my poster boards and focus more on my charts and other pictures. It makes more people interested in what your poster has to say.

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