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Scholar Highlight for Week Ending September 18, 2015

January 14, 2016

Qaasimah Alexis Lang

Our last day of the excursion, we went on a cultural tour of Møns. We went on a nature walk in one of the few preserved forests in Denmark. It is preserved because all of the farmers in the area surrounding it own a bit of it and thus outsiders cannot come in for wood. We also got to see various aspects of the town. It was wonderful to see this aspect of life in Denmark that was so different from Copenhagen. I did notice an interesting cultural dynamic between Sealanders and Jutlanders. People from Copenhagen especially, but also people from Sealand in general seem to hold disdain for Jutlanders. I thought it was odd seeing how the Danish people always talk about how everyone is so equal and friendly here yet they have prejudices against people in their own nation.

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