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Scholar Highlight for Week Ending October 2, 2015

January 14, 2016

Qaasimah greenery

 Qaasimah Alexis Lang

This week was our first travel break from DIS. I went to Iceland for the week and it was absolutely amazing. I went on a DIScovery trip, which is a form of travel offered by DIS that isn’t attached to a class. I spent the week with new people from DIS in a new country on a very physically intense trip.

When we arrived, it was super windy. It was about 34 degrees and so, so windy. We drove out to see these hot sulfur vents and the continental rift. It was very cold and quite a shock to the system, but so fun. It looked like a completely different world. The ground was red and lifeless near the vents, and with the steam and the wind, it looked as if we had arrived on a different planet. After the vents we traveled to the separation between the North American and the European tectonic plates. We stood on a bridge between the separation and got to see the huge crevasse made by the splitting of the plates. Afterwards we went by the sea to seen the waves and it was spectacular. It was a place where the elements met, the wind, sea and earth all clashing and it was beautiful. Finally, exhausted from battling the strong winds, Weekly Portfolio Submission for Week Ending October 9, 2015 we headed to our hostel. Our hostel was in Skogafoss a town far from Reykjavik in the South.

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