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Scholar Highlights Week Ending June 17, 2016

June 21, 2016

Amani Lee

This week was pretty eventful! We officially began collecting data and observations for our research project. On Monday, we were able to learn about the sea turtle project in Barbados and watch sea turtles lay their eggs deep in the sand and then go back to the ocean. Sea turtles are critically endangered species and need the sea and land in order to live. They need the sea to forage for food and reproduce and need land to harvest and lay their eggs inside the sand on the shore. Due to industrialization and constant tourism in Barbados, this species is suffering from high levels of pollution and distraction. When a female sea turtle lays her eggs in the sand, she makes sure that it is on a slope for her offspring hatch out of their eggs and slide down the hill towards the ocean. Heavy lighting is killing infant sea turtles because they use light, which is reflected on the ocean from the moon, to direct themselves to the water. Because there is heavy lighting on the roads near the beaches, infant sea turtles are being directed to the streets instead which causes cars to run them over. It is a sad situation but thankfully the Barbados Sea Turtle Project is doing their best to save as many sea turtles are possible by patrolling the beaches 24/7 all year long.

Yvan week 3 Gaina-Yvan Pierre

Locally this past week, we visited Harrisons Cave. Harrisons Cave is a short underground expedition, which gave us educational insight to the world beneath us as well as how Barbados was formed. Barbados is not an island that sprung up as a result of volcanic reactions underneath the ocean but rather the buildup of sediment that hold decomposed dying hard-shell animals and coral reefs. Inside were underwater springs and pools of water, huge caves, stalactites that hung like glittering icicles. Definitley an awesome experience. We also learned about the local turtles that comes to nest on the island several times a year and had the experience one evening of protecting and watching a few turtles lay their eggs and return to the ocean. The process is about a half hour to an hour long.

Natasha Spence

My first day in Glasgow was extremely tiring but rewarding at the same time. Before my arrival to Glasgow, I was very nervous and hesitant on traveling. I was not comfortable with traveling by myself and I was very nervous about if I would make friends. However, all of these concerns left once I arrived to Glasgow. I was greeted by a driver, and about 5 other girls who were Arcadia students as well. Our hotel was not ready so we were told to take a look around the city and come back at 2:30pm. At that time it was only 8:30 am. When touring the city I immediately realized the weather was completely different from Atlanta Georgia. The weather outside was very grey and cold. The rain was sporadic and would rain softly for five minutes then stop. As we toured parts of the city I was pleasantly surprised on how modern and trendy everything was. I imagined seeing people in traditional clothing in valleys and mountains. This was not the case at all. Most men and women were vey fashionable. Glasgow had a lot of clothing stores that I would have never thought would be there. I also noticed the city was very lively. There were people dancing and singing.


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