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Scholar Highlights for Week Ending June 26, 2016

June 28, 2016


Amani Lee

Amani week 3This week consisted of a lot of academic work, such as, research collection, taking our first exam, and presenting our research project to the class. But we also got the opportunity to learn about the culture of Barbados and how it was colonized.  On Monday, we were able to visit the house that, the first US President, George Washington stayed in while his duration in the Barbados. His house has transformed into a museum where people can see how he lived and learn more about himself as an individual before he became the first president of the US. George Washington traveled to Barbados with his brother to assist with his brother’s sickness of having Tuberculous. It was advised that they come stay in Barbados because the air quality here would help his brother heal more efficiently.

Gaina-Yvan Pierre

 In regards to our research, we are basically complete and in the process of defining our results. This week we conducted a variety of data evaluations to see where exactly we were in our research. We evaluated the total duration of observation on each of our individual subjects of adult female monkeys and compared it to our measuring behaviors. We did so in order to gather an idea of not only where we were at in regards to answering our research question but also to identify what subjects needed to be further observed so that each monkey was observed for an equal Yvan week3amount of time. This simply makes our data more reliable, having an equal amount of observation time makes for accurate distribution of range of behavior. Other test such as independent sample t-test calculated just how significant overall our findings may be to this area of research. Given that we are measuring affiliative, agonistic and stress-related behaviors we organized the test likewise and although there is not yet any significant test results, agonistic behaviors have the best chance of being so.







Natasha Spence

 Monday June 20th was my official first day attending the University Of Glasgow. That morning we had orientation where I met other American students who attended UCLA.  At orientation they gave us tips on how to live in Scotland, and how to pronounce certain words. After orientation I was able to meet my research professor Dr. Sonya Taylor. She was very friendly and gave us a brief introduction of the research we would be doing for the next six weeks. After the introduction we were able to leave.

Tuesday June 21st was when I actually got to work in the lab. We instantly got to work. The first thing we did was get samples of different water around the area. I was able to get samples from Kelvin River and also a water fountain in Kelvin Grove Park. Once I got my samples, I went back into the lab and started to make different dilutions from my water samples. I put the different dilutions of my water sample in nutrient agar to see what bacteria would be found.


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