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Scholar Highlights Week Ending May 19, 2017

May 25, 2017

KaiYanna Washington

My first week in Barbados has been a very eventful one filled with excitement curiosity.  I have gained many cultural, social, and scientific experiences in the past few days.

K. Washington and the green monkey

For my research I collect vocalizations in which I practiced listening and analyzing the vocalizations made. Observations from this day allowed me to modify my ethogram which now consist of sounds such as: chuttering, cooing, grunting, screaming, keeking, and lip smacking. These sounds listed are the common sounds that green monkeys make in which we have learned about in our daily readings and PowerPoints. After, the reserve we visited Animal Flower Cave. This cave was naturally formed by the sea and has a natural pool that tourist can swim in. I in particular did not enjoy the cave because you have to be cautious when walking because it is very slippery.

Barbados Cave.summer 2017

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